Best WordPress Hosting Convesio: Why Choose The Leader

Choosing a reliable and the best WordPress hosting provider is imperative if you want to improve your SEO and build traffic to your site. In other words, WordPress hosting consists of hosting WordPress on the internet.

In addition to ensuring that your website is accessible to anyone on the Internet, WordPress hosts will simplify, and secure your website installation process. If you don’t have a host, you might have difficulty installing and managing WordPress, not to mention managing your site over the long run.

best wordpress hosting convesio
convesio hosting latest review

Convesio Hosting: An Introduction

The WordPress hosting market offers a plethora of options today. Very few of them, however, offer a high level of service. Convesio is among the most reputable managed WordPress hosting providers.

In case you are looking for a WordPress host that offers good value for money, Convesio is an excellent choice. The WordPress hosting plans from Convesio are affordable. The managed WordPress hosting option is more expensive than standard hosting.

convesio hosting customer service
convesio hosting customer service is exceptional

As well as providing its customers with exceptional service, Convesio also manages a lot of their administrative tasks. No matter how busy a site is, managed WordPress hosting provides unaffected uptime.

By incorporating these features and others for ease of access, Convesio has become a leader in the web hosting industry.

Best WordPress Hosting Convesio Service:

convesio hosting impact on website traffic
convesio hosting takes website to the next level

A managed WordPress hosting provider should be able to handle any excess traffic on your website. Thanks to reliable and flexible WordPress hosting by Convesio, it provides a secure online presence and lets you penetrate the market without any hiccups.

  • A WordPress website plan can easily be scalable with Convesio hosting via a few clicks.
  • By using a managed host, you won’t have to share resources among several sites.
  • Convesio is capable of hosting corporate and e-commerce sites, managing traffic, and receiving the best features available.
  • As well as deploying multiple containers and optimizing CSS, it uses scalable PHP runtime.
  • An application firewall can also provide additional security benefits without requiring additional installation or fees.

In any case, it is one of the most convenient WordPress hosting companies to provide this feature. Additionally, it ensures you are using the latest version of WordPress. Theme and plugin updates are also handled automatically by it.

Empowering Customers:

By empowering its customers and enabling them to succeed, Convesio aims to minimize the need to manage WordPress.

convesio hosting auto scales website
best wordpress hosting convesio auto scales website
  • Scaling a WordPress website with Convesio does not require the assistance of a server administrator.
  • Without technical knowledge, Convesio allows you to set up your website independently on your host.
  • Convesio scales your technology behind the scenes as well as your resource requirements.
  • Convesio makes the process of creating and managing a server much more convenient than other hosting providers.

Using these features, Convesio hosting allows their customers to focus on their websites and businesses, enabling them to focus on their strengths.

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Why Best Managed WordPress Hosting Convesio?

Work Ethics that are Transparent:

Consvesio practices honest and transparent business practices. WordPress hosting websites do not disclose much about how WordPress is hosted. The technologies and infrastructure of these companies remain hidden despite providing detailed information about their features.

We take transparency seriously, unlike these companies. Users get guidance and education about the technologies and techniques they use through the hosting servers.

In contrast to other hosts who pretend their managed WordPress hosting is virtual private server hosting, Convesio delivers exactly what it promises.

Birth of Best WordPress Hosting by Convesio:

Tom Fanelli founded the company in 2018. When the founder set out to revolutionize the world of WordPress hosting providers, a platform-as-a-service solution and the latest technology were offered.

  • In an attempt to create the best managed WordPress hosting service out there, Fanelli reinvented WordPress hosting and created the Convesio company.
  • A large part of the company’s mission was to provide affordable plans that combined easy-to-use tools and resources.
  • To differentiate it from typical hosting providers, convesio’s best wordpress hosting site has advanced features such as self-healing and autoscaling. Each site Convesio hosts is handled with the utmost care.
  • By utilizing their self-healing technology, they keep WordPress websites active and functional.

Convesio’s main aim is to make downtime a thing of the past.

Taking Advantage of Convesio’s WordPress Hosting Services

Uptime Consistency:

Convesio states that it guarantees uninterrupted and consistent uptime. Technical problems or overload can often cause WordPress sites to go down and go offline. The problem not only affects the site but also causes visitors to become annoyed. Over time, these issues can have an impact on the site’s user traffic if they persist.

convesio hosting uptime guarantee
convesio hosting uptime guarantee

In order to handle continuous, high-volume traffic or spikes in traffic, WordPress hosting servers use load-balancing containers. In order to prevent downtime, managing the load is important. This makes WooCommerce hosting a great choice as you won’t miss sales.

Traffic that exceeds the load balancer’s capacity is redirected by Convesio. Through re-direction, it can take advantage of duplicate instances when high traffic is present. A downtime notification is also sent to users if the site ever goes down.

Best Hosting for WordPress Convesio Technologies:

Convesio was formed primarily with the purpose of reinventing WordPress hosting. They wanted to provide an option for customers whose traffic requirements were beyond what normal hosting providers could handle.

convesio uses next generation technologies servers
convesio uses next generation technologies servers

Convesio Hosting utilizes many “next-generation” technologies that go beyond conventional hosting options to achieve this goal. Convesio’s goals have enabled it to become an outstanding and next-generation hosting company. Based on the latest version of the WordPress platform, it employs a powerful built-in system.

The use of parallel database querying and clustered databases makes the service highly scalable for users and makes it one of the best managed WordPress hosting providers.

Docker Containers:

Convesio hosting uses multiple containers as Docker containers and is one of the best WordPress hosting providers.

  • In the event of an increase in load, Convesio shifts containers. Whenever one of the servers becomes overloaded, the container can access multiple servers so that the other server can take its place and handle the traffic.
  • By implementing this strategy, the website becomes more resilient and remains active whenever a user accesses it.
  • By using Docker containers and load balancers, the CDN is able to distribute and deliver the website content globally in a fraction of a second. This is accomplished by distributing the content across multiple servers. Thus, despite the user’s location, the accessed website loads instantly.
  • Convesio offers nine containers for hosting WordPress websites. As a result, the website response time is automatically curated based on traffic.

Among the containers are three load balancers, a PHP runtime container, and five Percona Database containers.

Scalable CDN Service:

Best hosting for WordPress Convesio hosts WordPress web pages via a CDN network. Content is distributed across servers around the world via the network. As a result of its scalable and distributed nature, visitors can access content quickly, no matter where they are in the world.

Additionally, there is an automatic caching system built into the site. WordPress caching plugins do not need to be installed. It even works on dynamic pages without preloading content, which have to be loaded from scratch.

As a result, the website request time is dramatically reduced and users are provided with results instantly. Furthermore, the site operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and has no downtime for the user.

One of the reasons why Convesio is one of the best WordPress hosts is because of these attributes. It’s easy to set up and manage, and you don’t have to spend much time doing either.

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Backups for WordPress:

The site offers daily, weekly and monthly backups. Customers can also schedule the time of backup according to their requirements at a rate of every three hours to fifteen days. What’s more, both the live and backup server uses a redundant file system to protect customer data.

Problem-solving by Using Automated Tools:

  • Convesio’s automatic scans and troubleshooting capabilities make it one of the best WordPress hosting solutions available.
  • Support provides instant troubleshooting during downtime to quickly identify issues and find solutions.
  • Among other issues, troubleshooting is available for domain name and DNS errors and some code errors can be automatically fixed as well.
  • Convesio’s servers are also configured with intervention measures in case of hacking, malware, or adware attacks on the site.

Scaling and Descaling:

Managed WordPress Hosting Convesio provides its customers with auto scaling features. Auto-scaling can use the available resources and scale them according to the traffic surge. Users have to use the simple option of the slider for auto-scaling of resources, like storage and bandwidth.

Technical background and knowledge are not required for scaling at all. This feature also ensures that hosting on Convesio remains as independent and user-oriented as possible.


  • The infrastructure of Convesio uses Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services.
  • These services support and host the backend functionality of the site.
  • Furthermore, Convesio has set up its data centers in prime locations across the globe. Each database cluster is stored at facilities in North America, the United Kingdom, and Australia.

These high-performance hosting infrastructures are another reason why users continue to choose Convesio as one of the most popular hosting providers. The speed test results for Convesio also display positive results with response time being shortest for the locations near the datacenters.

Responsive Customer Service:

When it comes to customer support, Convesio does not disappoint as a hosting provider for managed WordPress. The site has excellent customer service options. The team responds to the queries immediately and is available 24 hours.

convesio responsive customer service rating
convesio responsive customer service rating

Convesio’s essential support package helps users migrate their WordPress site from another host, install WordPress, manage web pages, hide IP address details, set up the same server, run website load tests, cluster databases, configure SSL certificates, and navigate through the control panel.

Convesio is one of the best managed WordPress hosting providers due to the level of support they offer.

convesio offers 30 days money back guarantee trial
convesio offers 30 days money back guarantee trial

You’re guaranteed your money back.

In the thirty days following a trial, Convesio offers users their money back. Your credit card information will be collected only after you’ve tested the services of the product.

Convesio Hosting: Compare Managed, Shared, and Virtual Private Servers

Managed WordPress hosting is available through Convesio. It provides its users with an exceptional hosting experience unlike other types of hosting services.

WordPress Managed Hosting vs VPS and Shared Hosting:

When you use managed WordPress hosting by convesio, your site will run smoothly with the minimum amount of maintenance. In addition to updates, load balancing, performance, security, and more, the hosting company will also take care of the technical details. Hosting your website on a private server may or may not come with your host.

Shared Hosting:

Shared hosting service users have access to the same resources that other WordPress hosting site users enjoy. Shared WordPress hosting is different from dedicated WordPress hosting in that multiple users can share server resources like storage and bandwidth.

Due to the shared resources and the fact that a single server hosts multiple websites, hosting costs are usually very low. This can, however, cause the services to become overburdened and impact all users’ performances. Typically, such services are sluggish. Freebies, such as an SSL certificate, are usually included.

VPS Hosting:

When your website requires more resources and traffic than a shared hosting site can provide, the next step is usually to upgrade to a virtual private server (VPS). Physical servers are logically partitioned into Virtual Private Servers.

A virtual server’s files and media are kept separated from those of other virtual servers thanks to partitions. Also, a VPS enables you to assign a portion of the server to you as well as provide more stable access to server resources. However, you are responsible for maintaining it.

In comparison,

Shared WordPress hosting, VPS hosting, and Managed WordPress Hosting Convesio differ in the number of servers. One or two servers power many shared hosting and VPS plans. The resources can be shared among users in a shared hosting plan or can be partitioned in a virtual private server.

The increased demands these techniques place on the server make failures more likely. When a website’s server load increases, it may stop responding to new requests. Websites can suffer downtime due to the excessive load on the server.

Managed WordPress Hosting Convesio:

When one website on a shared hosting account gets too much traffic, malware, or is hacked, all the websites on the shared hosting account are affected, potentially bringing all the websites down. Hosting companies need a long time to recover and restore a server when this happens. These failures are common in shared hosting, despite companies’ reluctance to admit them.

Some of these problems can be solved through virtual private servers. Thus, it is less burdened since it does not have to store large files. Virtual private servers are hosted on one single server.

Each of the sites on the server is connected to the hardware due to its physical connection. Every user on that server is likely to be affected by hardware problems. However, users are only allowed to use their own resources and are protected from influencing the performance of others.

Convesio offers managed hosting services with scalable and flexible resources to eliminate these issues. Due to its infrastructure, the company can maintain the websites of its customers on more than one server at a time. Moreover, the company uses docker containers to further reduce its risk.

Convesio’s unbeatable uptime is guaranteed by these measures.

Plans and Pricing

Convesio offers seven different plans for its users and categorizes them into three groups:

  • Starter
  • Business
  • Enterprise

STARTER: No Setup Fee

A single $50/month plan is available. It includes:

  • 1 Install
  • 5 GB Disk Space
  • 2 vCPU
  • 512 MB Memory
  • 4 Workers
  • 50 GB Bandwidth
  • Manual Scaling
  • Includes:
    • Shared Percona DB
    • Shared MariaDB
    • Automated Malware Cleanup
    • Cloudflare Security
    • Email or Chat Support
    • Free Basic Migration
  • Add-ons:
    • $150 Malware Cleanup
    • $100/month Redis (Incl. Object Cache Pro)
  • Additional Charges:
    • Disk space $20 per 10 GB
    • Bandwidth $20 per 100 GB
    • Off-site backup $10 per 10 GB
  • Auto-Scaling:
    • Each additional container will be charged on an hourly basis at 10% of the monthly base price


This is the most popular option from Convesio, offering three plans. The prices range between $150 and $600/month and include:

convesio hosting business plan types
convesio hosting business plan types

These plans are more suitable for growing websites with higher traffic volumes because they offer significantly more resources.


In addition, there are three enterprise plans ranging from $1,000 to $2,400/month with the following:

convesio pricing enterprise plan types
convesio pricing enterprise plan types

Why Choose Best WordPress Hosting by Convesio:

As a web hosting service, Convesio offers the following benefits:

  • Convesio guarantees 100% uptime for WordPress sites hosted by it. Despite having an unbeatable uptime, Convesio has continued to grow and attract traffic.
  • MySQL is used by more than one MySQL server. These servers provide fast and secure database access thanks to their high performance and dedicated resources.
  • In addition, they can automatically scale as the database grows. Traffic is managed and resources are curated to meet its needs.
  • Websites can also recover on their own with this service. Traffic is transferred between instances using load balancers. Website downtime is prevented by the self-healing architecture and load balancers.
  • Scheduled backups are available through Convesio. They are available daily, monthly, and weekly. Backups can, however, be scheduled every three hours to every fifteen days, if users choose.
  • During regular intervals, the servers analyze the sites for malware or adware. By performing troubleshooting on the site, the site gets rid of any threats and security alerts.
  • Caching is enabled by default and is extremely fast.
  • It is easy and quick to migrate a website. After the site has been transferred to Convesio, it takes a maximum of 48 hours. Support is top-notch and offers assistance to the customer throughout the process. They also offer free migrations.
  • Experts running speed tests have shown that convesio hosted websites perform lightning fast. After analyzing results from forty-three different locations, it was determined that New York had the fastest speed and the slowest response time, while the global average speed was found to be 1071ms.
  • Docker containers manage traffic on site by using docker containers. This site gains greater stability, uptime, and automation due to the latest OS-virtualization techniques. Various containers are docked and multiple servers are used to shift traffic and load.
  • With Convesio, deploying a website can be accomplished in three clicks. People without technical knowledge can use this feature, and it can save a lot of time.
  • You can also try Convesio for free for thirty days. Users can browse the site and explore options. During Convesio’s 30-day trial, users are allowed to create two free sites. A risk-free cancellation option is provided afterward.
  • Afterward, they can either subscribe to a plan or cancel it risk-free. Beginners can easily navigate the site and pick up the controls without too much difficulty.


Convesio’s web hosting has the following cons:


  • Compared to other hosting companies, Convesio is more expensive.
  • There are no special features included in the plans, such as free SSL certificates, multi-site support, domain provider services, and support for multiple PHP versions in addition to the charges.
  • Hosting multiple websites with Convesio requires signing up for multiple plans. In other words, the web hosting service does not fit the budget of everyone, whether they are startups or entrepreneurs.
  • The price is worth it for anyone who needs this level of performance, scalability, and reliability.


The domain name Convesio is owned by one of the most reputable companies in the hosting industry. To ensure that your online presence is always online, Convesio should be at the top of your list. As one of the leading managed WordPress providers, Convesio has reached the top of the chain due to highly effective mechanisms that keep sites active and popular.

Let me know how you liked my review and leave your suggestions and feedback in the comments.

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