Best WordPress Membership Plugin MemberPress Shortcodes

There are more than 100 best wordpress membership plugin memberpress shortcodes to show information related to user account, protect content, courses, etc.

Best WordPress Membership Plugin MemberPress Shortcodes

What is MemberPress: the best membership plugin for wordpress?

MemberPress is one of the best membership plugin used to create membership sites in WordPress. Its easy of use, user friendly interface, fast setup, integration with famous payment gateways, ability to create flexible payment plans, sending reminders, and many more unique features makes it the best membership plugin for WordPress.

On this page, you will find the detailed and easy to understand explanation of each shortcode provided by memberpress along with the real image representation of the output produced by them. I have been using this awesome membership plugin for years therefore I have used almost all shortcodes and thus information provided on this page is 100% accurate and correct.

What is a shortcode?

Shortcode is a small placeholder you can insert almost anywhere on your WordPress page, post, or any other area where you can write HTML or PHP. When your website is viewed by a visitor, that placeholder or shortcode is processed by the hosting server and replaced with some dynamic content produced from its processing.

For example, you might have a shortcode that will show the currently logged in user’s name. A shortcode might look like [user_name]. When that page with shortcode on it is viewed by a logged in user, lets say for example John Doe, then the page would show John Doe in the content where that shortcode was placed. WordPress allows you to create custom shortcodes as well.

Types of Best WordPress Membership Plugin MemberPress Shortcodes

  • Account / User Info
  • Courses (Coming Soon)
  • Memberships (Coming Soon)
  • Access / Show/Hide of Content (Coming Soon)
  • Registration (Coming Soon)

Account and User Information Shortcodes in MemberPress

MemberPress Account Shortcode – [mepr-account-link]

This shortcode is used to show a link to the account page you set in your MemberPress’ settings as shown in the screenshot. Go to MemberPress -> Settings -> Pages tab to set the account page in MemberPress.

how to set account page in memberpress

MemberPress Account Form Shortcode – [mepr-account-form]

It shows the user account information in an editable form along with link to Subscriptions, Payments, Courses and also to logout, and change the password for the user account. You can use this shortcode if you are creating your own custom My Account page or if you want to show the user info somewhere else other than the account page.

MemberPress Subscriptions Shortcode – [mepr-list-subscriptions]

Use this shortcode if you want to show user’s active and inactive subscriptions along with the expiry date. This shortcode is currently in beta stage which means it might produced different output in the future versions of the MemberPress.

how to show user's subscriptions in memberpress

MemberPress Login Logout Link Shortcode – [mepr-logout-link] [mepr-login-link]

These both shortcodes show the same thing. You can any of the shortcode to show the login or logout link anywhere. Suppose you use it on a page and when that page:

  • is viewed by a logged in or say a member user then the user will see Logout.
  • is viewed by a logged out or say a visitor then it would show Login.

Now these both login and logout links would be linked to the pages you set in your MemberPress’ settings as shown in the screenshot.

Go to MemberPress -> Settings -> Pages tab to set the login page in MemberPress.

how to set login page in memberpress

Go to MemberPress -> Settings -> Account tab to set the logout page in MemberPress.

how to set logut page in memberpress

MemberPress Login Form Shortcode – [mepr-login-form use_redirect=”true”]

Use it to show a login form along with forgot password link on any page or post or even in a sidebar widget.

memberpress login form shortcode

Use the parameter use_redirect to redirect the user, after login, to the page set in the memberpress’ settings as shown in the screenshot. This shortcode is very useful when you want to create a custom login page in wordpress. Go to MemberPress -> Settings -> Account tab to set the page your members land on after login. This page is usually called members dashboard page.

how to set members login page in memberpress

This shortcode shows the logout link as “You’re already logged in. Logout.” if the member is already logged in.

MemberPress Active Subscriptions Shortcode – [mepr-user-active-membership-titles userid=””]

Use this to show the a particular member’s only active membership names separated by comma if more than one. If the parameter userid is not present, then it’ll pick the current logged in member.

For example, if you put this shortcode [mepr-user-active-membership-titles userid=”10″] on a page accessible to your members then it will always show the active memberships of the user with id 10 regardless of ID of the member viewing the page.

Another example would be [mepr-user-active-membership-titles] to show the currently viewing member’s active memberships. It means it will show the active memberships, if any, only of the member which would be viewing this page with this shortcode.

MemberPress Account Page Shortcode – [mepr-account-info field=”slug”]
A shortcode to show any meta data of a member. Just replace the slug keyword with one of the slug from the table below. This shortcode is usually placed on a memberpress account page to show the member’s information.

full_nameAshvani Kumar
full_name_last_firstAshvani, Kumar
first_name_last_initialAshvani K.
last_name_first_initialKumar, A.
description(aka Biographical info)
mepr-address-one123 Demo Street
mepr-address-twoApt. 123
mepr_user_messageThe “Custom MemberPress Account Message” you have defined for the member in their profile
user_registeredThe date/time the user first joined your site
IDThe unique ID assigned to the user upon registration. Must be entered as ID, not id.
“Your custom Slug”Any of the Custom Account Field slugs in the MemberPress Settings.
  • Use [mepr-account-info field=”user_registered“] to show the registration date and time
  • Use [mepr-account-info field=”ID“] to show the user ID of the member wordpress assigned to a member upon registration.
  • Use [mepr-account-info field=”custom_field_slug“] to show the value of any memberpress custom field you created as shown in the screenshot. Therefore the final shortcode to show the value of a memberpress custom field in the screenshot would be [mepr-account-info field=”mepr_userfile”]
how to create custom field in memberpress

If you have any problem in implementing any shortcode then please let me know in the comment and I will try my best to help you.

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