How To Fix WordPress wp admin page not found error

You must have tried various solutions to fix one of the most common problem or say error message of wordpress website i.e. wp admin page not found error but no success. Fixes like settings permalinks, manually resetting htaccess file, changing the active theme, renaming theme folder, or deactivating wordpress plugins. There are various times when your WordPress website backend admin or WordPress admin dashboard starts giving 404 not found error or page not found error. This usually happens after a migration from one host to another but there could be other reasons as well.

On this page I am going to share 100% working fix for WordPress wp admin Page Not found or 404 error page or blank screen error.

Solution: Fix wp admin page not found or empty white screen

The most common reason behind this problem is the WordPress file/folders’ permissions malfunction. Migrating your site from one host to another sometimes changes WordPress file/folder permissions.

The working permission settings are:

Files = 0644

Folders = 0755

Now setting wordpress permissions for all of the files and folders one by one is cumbersome task. It is just impossible to do it by browsing through each folder and file and then setting the correct persmissions.

How to Fix WordPress Permissions via cPanel

Usually all of the hosting companies have a standard tool to fix the permissions with just one click but this tool is not directly visible on the cPanel’s homepage so you can easily miss it and thus waste your time in searching for it. The following screenshots in this article are from SiteGround hosting’s cPanel.

Fix Permissions from cPanel

Login to cPanel and search for the Web Application Tools

Web application tools in cPanel to fix wordpress files and folders permissions to resolve wp admin page not found error

Click on the Web Application Tools icon and you would be redirected to a page with a list of the sites your cPanel hosts. Now click on the Manage button next to the site whose permissions you want to fix.

Web application tools' website list screen to select or add a site

If you don’t see your site listed on the above screen then click on the Add WordPress button as mentioned in the above screenshot and then select the missing site domain on the next page and click Add URL.

Add a missing website to the list

Note: If your site is installed in a folder instead of the main domain, for example, then enter the folder name “wordpress” into the input box before the Add URL button and then click Add URL.

Clicking on the Manage button would bring you to the following screen and here you just need to click on the Fix Permissions button and then click OK in the confirmation popup.

Fix Permissions button fixes the wordpress permisions and thus wp admin page not found error

That is it.

You just set all of the WordPress files and folders’ permissions to the correct ones required for WordPress admin area to work. This has now resolved the wp admin page not found error. It is now time to try again logging into the backend and I bet you won’t get the 404 error or blank screen again.

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