ARForms WordPress Form Builder Plugin

arforms the best form builder builder for wordpress

A form is one of the most important part of a website to collect email and generate business using the collected email. These days the email marketing has emerged as the most effective source of site traffic and eventually the revenue. Therefore ARForms plugin has emerged as the best form builder plugin of 2021 because … Read more

How to create shortcode in WordPress | Step-by-step Method

how to create custom shortcode in wordpress

A shortcode written in brackets like [shortcode_name_here] is a shortcut way to call and run a predefined function in your site. They are exactly like a function which help perform the same task on multiple locations without writing the same code again and again. The step-by-step tutorial explains the procedure of how to create shortcode in WordPress. … Read more

How to create custom header in WordPress with Divi Builder

how to create custom header in wordpress

WordPress’s default header is so boring that no one likes it. Every designer, developer, and blogger wants to look their header cool and easily accessible as that is the most first thing a visitor sees on a website. Therefore today I will show you how to create custom header in WordPress without writing a single … Read more

How To Fix WordPress wp admin page not found error

how to fix wordpress admin page not found error

You must have tried various solutions to fix one of the most common problem or say error message of wordpress website i.e. wp admin page not found error but no success. Fixes like settings permalinks, manually resetting htaccess file, changing the active theme, renaming theme folder, or deactivating wordpress plugins. There are various times when … Read more