VPS Hosting with Great Features and Discounts

VPS Hosting with Great Features and Discounts

Hello there! Do you have a long history of using shared hosting? I must say that it is past time for you to upgrade to a better server.

I’m sure shared hosting has been the perfect hosting for your business/blog growth. However, after a certain period of time, a better hosting service becomes essential.

There are numerous web hosting servers available and they all offer benefits as per website requirements. So shared hosting is for beginners.

When your business/blog reaches a point where you anticipate further growth, a better hosting server, such as Linux VPS Server in Indiathat can improve speed, performance, security, and other factors that your current hosting may be lacking.

Shared hosting is an excellent hosting service, but it may prevent your website from ascending more flights of stairs (in terms of growth, traffic, and brand authenticity).

But a VPS server is a better and powerful hosting service. Next to VPS hosting is the best dedicated servers at inexpensive price.

You might be wondering how VPS works now? Don’t worry, I will explain everything to you.

What Exactly Is VPS Hosting?

When compared to shared hosting, a Virtual Private Server is a more advanced server. It stores your website’s files and contents on a virtually independent webserver and broadcasts them to visitors’ browsers.

VPS is a smaller version of a dedicated server. The difference is that VPS hosting offers a virtually isolated environment. But with dedicated servers, you get physical isolated and more amount of resources. 

As you are in the growing stage, VPS is the way to go. It will fit your budget and offer the utmost reliability, privacy and security.

With a VPS server, you can enjoy personal resources because you will own control over them. Each user will have their own resources so, they are not required to share with other users.

In shared hosting, you share the server as well as the resources. As a result, you have limited resources such as CPU, RAM, storage memory, and so on.

When you have isolated personal resources, you can make the best use of them whenever they are needed.

So in comparison, a VPS has far more advantages than shared hosting. Your website will function properly on shared hosting, but we anticipate more growth, which a shared server will limit.

If you anticipate growth and want your company to receive more engagement, visitors, and sales, then consider MilesWeb VPS hosting solution.

MilesWeb is an excellent example of an ideal hosting solution. You can put your company/website online in seconds and without any hassle.

MilesWeb is the best web hosting provider in India, the United States, and the United Kingdom. They have been in the hosting industry for nine years and continue to offer the best.

A group of three friends founded the hosting company in 2012. They were highly motivated to provide low-cost hosting services. Their goal has aided a number of businesses/enterprises/organizations in achieving online success.

MilesWeb VPS hosting plans start from Rs. 630/m after the 25% discount. There is a range of plans available as per different website needs.

However, only users who purchase for a minimum of three years receive a 25% discount. Getting such a good deal at such a low price is not something you will find everywhere. You may benefit if you seize it now.

MilesWeb VPS Hosting Benefits

MilesWeb hosting comes with a plethora of fantastic features. Check them out down below.

Unrivalled Performance – The MilesWeb VPS server hosting provides exceptional speed and performance. You can run high-end websites/applications without issue. Further, the website will have a faster response time. MilesWeb guarantees 99.99% uptime, which is the highest around the hosting industry.

Fully Managed VPS – MilesWeb provides fully managed VPS hosting. You don’t need any technical skills to manage your hosting because the team will handle the server. They will manage, monitor, and ensure that your hosting server is always available for browsing.

Unmanaged VPS plans are also available from the web host. Self-managed VPS hosting services are perfect in case you can handle the management.

Control Panel – Use the best-in-class control panel and manage the VPS server with ease. They are simple to use and provide a streamlined experience.

SSL Certificate – MilesWeb includes a free SSL certificate with all VPS hosting plans. This means that all information and data on your server is encrypted using HTTPS. There is no need to be concerned about threats because privacy and security are strictly maintained.

Unlimited Databases – With VPS hosting, you can create and manage multiple databases on any platform of your choice. MilesWeb VPS servers perfectly support the latest version of MySQL.

Unlimited Website Hosting – Since you own the VPS server privately, why not take full advantage of it? You can host as many websites as you want with MilesWeb.

Service Level Agreement – You can expect the highest network uptime with MilesWeb. They guarantee 99.99% uptime on purchasing dedicated servers. That will keep your site up and will also run smoothly.


The term “Virtual Private Server” is self-explanatory. That is, even though you share the physical machine, you have complete control over it.

A VPS server improves performance, speed, and privacy. The level of security improves, and you can expect increased traffic to your website.

MilesWeb is one of the best hosting companies for your websites. When you buy any hosting service, you will always get it at a low price. A virtual private server (VPS) is also available at a low cost. Plus, you get a slew of features that you won’t find with other hosting companies.

So, what are your thoughts? Should you at least try MilesWeb? You never know what kind of success awaits you!

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